i cant take this i am shuichi saihara in the flesh, bones, and blood. no one else is me, they are just "factkins," nothing more. there is literally no one that exists in this dimension that is more me than ME. i am me. i am shuichi. youre not. your friend is not. your crush is not. thats me. sure, they kin shuichi but they are not shuichi. i am not a shuichi kin. i AM shuichi saihara. factkin me all you want but you ARE NOT ME. WHY WOULD U EVEN THINK YOURE ME IM ME HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THIS ITS NOT EVEN A GOOD THING TO BE ME. LIKE BY NOT BEING SHUICHI THAT MAKES YOU 10000% MORE VALID OF A PERSON OVERALL. YOU ARE NOT ME. I AM. IT DOESNT EEN MAKE SENSE TO BE ME BECAUSE IM RIGHT FRICKING HERE. EVERYTHING about shuichi is the same about me that is literally me in BOTH this life and the past life and one day i will be reincarnated and in THAT life i will know exactly who i am. i cant take this i cant take people thinking thzy are me i cant take people thinking other people ARE ME BECAUDE TGET ARE NOT. IM ME. im literally me. im literally shuichi. shuichi saihara in the flesh. stop kinning me YOURE LITERALLY ONLY DEGRADING URSELF BY KINNING ME IS IT TO BE EDGY OR DO YOU JUST HATE YOURSELF? one day im going to prove it and you'll all fricking see holy cap. IM LITERALLY SHUICHI.



ok so. idk what im doing this for but ive been here for 2 hours coding this. so fun.

not sarcasm. this is super fun. lmao.

read the marquee at the top before you leave. it's funny.

but anywayz.. welcome to lynxies pageeee. this is where i'm gonna keep all my ocs information. and also some other stuff. like.

well i don't actually know everything i'm gonna do with this just yet, but i know some things i want to accomplish.

past this line is where the random stuff will start. probably.